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Marine heatwaves – occurrence, effects, and expected frequencies

Join us the 28th October at our webinar with the Norwegian Environment Agency and gain the latest insights in the frequencies and consequences of marine heatwaves. Marine heatwaves are a growing phenomenon with measurable effects on marine habitats. The full range of consequences is not yet understood, nor are the causes or the complex interaction of causes or future effects on marine ecosystems. Especially for the Nordic oceans and seas, we need to gain more knowledge of the phenomenon and the derived effects on marine ecosystems, marine organisms, and ecosystem services. PlanMiljø and the Norwegian Environment Agency are inviting academia, government officials, and other interested stakeholders to a webinar on the occurrence, effects, and expected frequencies of marine heatwaves, with an extra focus on Nordic areas. The webinar is held 28th October at 13.00-15.40 (GMT +2). See the full programme and register:

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