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An EU Textile Strategy with Teeth!

The European Commission’s long awaited EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles was published today. It is more ambitious and far-reaching than many had dared hope. It promises ecodesign criteria and mandatory Extended Producer Responsibility for textiles placed on European markets including economic benefits for eco-designed products, bans on the destruction of unsold textiles by retailers and a broad range of other concrete measures.

PlanMiljø played an important role in the development of the strategy, gathering and analyzing inputs from many hundreds of businesses, government representatives, NGOs and citizens across Europe. Beyond that, PlanMiljø has been working for nearly 8 years on increasing knowledge and raising awareness at European, Nordic and national level on the need for, and the shape of, a green textiles transition. The Strategy feels like a culmination of this work and also the first step on the road ahead.

Contact David Watson or Steffen Trzepacz if you want to know more.

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